You might be safe, but is your soul?

The KeyMaster is the first in a heart-stopping urban fantasy series. If you like dark fantasies with a heady mix of thrills, a dash of romance and a gory death (or two!), then you will love Gina's debut novel.


Gina Jamieson is an MFL teacher who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese but mostly teaches French and Spanish. She has a love of the Orient and has lived and travelled the Far East (She blames a hearty appetite of Japanese anime when growing up – for which she thanks her brother)

Having always been creative, she originally focused on Manga, beginning several Graphic Novels which were never completed (She blames teaching). She then turned to writing and has never looked back.

She adores fantasy (Here she blames escapism) and her first young adult series is a dark Urban Fantasy inspired from when she lived in London. Book 1 of the The KeyMaster is complete and Gina is starting work on Book 2 . If you like a heady cocktail of horror, suspense and adventure, with a sprinkling of philosophy and romance, then sign-up for news, updates, and say ‘hi’.

Gina lives with her family in Derbyshire and, when not working, enjoys exploring the Peak District, sneaking in an ice cream when she can. As a Hufflepuff, she has an eclectic tight collection and miniature Dachshunds give her palpitations. She finds talking about herself in the third person disconcerting.

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