End of common decency?

As Christmas approaches you’d expect people to be more caring to strangers, more thoughtful, more decent.  Sadly I haven’t witnessed much when out and about.  Take yesterday for example, when arriving at the parade of shops close to my home I discovered a small moped parked in a parent-child space.  This probably doesn’t seem much unless you are a parent and know how annoying it is to have someone with no need for the extra room these spaces provide parking in them.

This has happened a lot since becoming a nother and is quickly becoming a pet peave.  Being a writer I wrote a note.  After navigating across the busy car park with my pushchair I stopped at the space (which backs safely on to the pavement) and began to put my note inside the helmet only to have the owner of the moped, a petite young lady, arrive so I gave her my note and explained what I was doing.  I pointed out that her moped certainly didn’t need the extra space and that a normal space would give her the room she wanted.  She did look embarrassed and I congratulated her for not parking in a disabled space and asked if she could show parent-child spaces the same respect.  However she brazenly declared “You can’t change me doing what I do!”   I did point out that I couldn’t but our sense of common decency should.  

My only revenge?  One day she’ll need a parent-child space and one won’t be available for her.

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