I’ve had a tough month here so have taken some time to explore another creative angle I’d been mulling over. But now I’m feeling a little better and I’ve had a good week of desperate writing. Some times you need to do something totally different to clear your head.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my definition of success, something Joanna Penn writes about and something I had never really considered properly. Naturally I’ve dreamt of agencies fighting over me, declaring me a literary wonder (haha), being offered a lucrative book deal and earning world renown like that of J. K. Rowling (haha x100). But that’s not realistic.

I’m a part-time teacher (currently only working one day a week). Easy, right? Well, my free time is measured by nap times. For that one day a week, I need two/three nap times to plan and prepare for my four classes. Then add in the club I help with and our playgroup day and you pretty much have my week. Oh and I mark in the evenings too. Not much time for creativeness. This will change as my daughter grows up but I don’t want that to be my life. I love teaching, but I want time to enjoy my little family. Which leads me to my new, more realistic version of success.

Success to me is now earning enough from my writing to allow me to support and enjoy my family; I want to connect with readers and (hopefully) learn how they have enjoyed my books; I want the freedom (i.e., the time) to be as creative as I want to be.

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