Elderflower Cordial #1

Now, I have shocking teeth. Show me a sugar cube and a cavity will appear. So I’m very careful how much sugar I consume and very rarely will drink any cordial. However, my one exception is elderflower cordial, which I adore! Especially homemade. It’s my favourite summer drink.

Last year we discovered we had an elderflowers in the garden (been here five years – who knew!) But it was too late to do anything with them. So I promised to harvest some this year and we did! Well my husband did.

I’ve never made elderflower cordial before but after some searching online I noticed forums mentioning that the stalks made the cordial bitter so I spent 50 minutes cutting off the flowers with a pair of scissors! And getting covered in bugs despite my efforts to shake them off. Yay. Anyhoo, they are cut and frozen ready for me to buy citric acid and get concocting. Exciting stuff! I shall keep you posted. Will it be a success?

What’s your favourite summer drink?

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