15th August: Relaxation Day

Yay! It’s Relaxation Day! I have to say, I’m shocking at relaxing. I’ve never been good at it. There’s always something I feel I ought to be doing instead of relaxing, so I have to talk really hard to myself to sit and relax (Anyone else like this?)

When I do let myself relax I like to snuggle with a hot chocolate or coffee and a book (currently reading Games of Thrones and The Firemaker) or a film (my all time favourite being Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky). However, if I know I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, I then reach for my writing or my manga drawing. I’ve not drawn in years, so, being a perfectionist, I’m too scared to draw now (vicious circle). I shall get back into it though as I would love to feature some of my artwork in EvenStarr, a book that started life as a manga.

What do you like to do to unwind and relax?

Happy Relaxation Day!

A writer’s life ruled by naptimes

As a very lucky mother to a young toddler, I don’t get much free time for my writing (Yes, I could wake early but I’m so shattered from teething that that’s currently impossible). So my writing time is restricted to naptimes, unless that naptime is needed to do planning for my lessons.

So, yesterday I had a clear naptime and had got my laptop out to start writing when my neighbour comes round for a chat.

An hour’s chat!

I could have cried! I probably should have asked to get on with the work I was blatantly about to undergo, but I didn’t want to be rude. Then my toddler woke up and all hopes of writing were gone.

What would you have done?

Hopefully today will be more successful…

Elderflower Cordial #1

Now, I have shocking teeth. Show me a sugar cube and a cavity will appear. So I’m very careful how much sugar I consume and very rarely will drink any cordial. However, my one exception is elderflower cordial, which I adore! Especially homemade. It’s my favourite summer drink.

Last year we discovered we had an elderflowers in the garden (been here five years – who knew!) But it was too late to do anything with them. So I promised to harvest some this year and we did! Well my husband did.

I’ve never made elderflower cordial before but after some searching online I noticed forums mentioning that the stalks made the cordial bitter so I spent 50 minutes cutting off the flowers with a pair of scissors! And getting covered in bugs despite my efforts to shake them off. Yay. Anyhoo, they are cut and frozen ready for me to buy citric acid and get concocting. Exciting stuff! I shall keep you posted. Will it be a success?

What’s your favourite summer drink?