Coming Soon

Being a frustrated creative, I get a lot of ideas that I just don’t have the time to pursue at the moment. (If you live with an over-active toddler, you will know where I’m coming from!) However, I know my circumstances will one day change and that I shall be able to pursue my creative entrepreneurship to my heart’s desire (that’s the plan, anyway).

To that end, services I shall be slowly offering, in addition to my writing and my Bujo spreads:

  • Website development using Wix and WordPress
  • Website consultation
  • Website translation. (I shall be working on making my site bilingual, if not quilingual, over the forthcoming months and I’m sure there are other creatives who would love to benefit from that too).

So, if that grabs your attention, sign up and stay tuned! (Exciting times ahead!)

Ever yours,



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