Birthday 2018

Today is my birthday! Something I haven’t shared on social media before, but with you I thought I would.

I thought it nice to reveal something about me every birthday, so you can get to know me a bit more. Maybe you could share something about you on your birthday? That way, I can get to know you too.

This year I’m going to share my favourite thing: blue skies.

My favourite colour is blue, in all its tones, and it featured heavily in my bedroom as a teenager (lemongrass walls and midnight blue ceiling, which I stuck glow-in-the-dark stars on in the shape the Altar star, Ara, the name of a cyborg from one of my first stories).

When I was at secondary school I dyed my hair blue with a temporary spray paint dye thing. I got told off by my teachers and laughed at by people in my school year, but I liked it. If I was an anime character, I would have blue hair.

I particularly love blue skies, and when I’m feeling down a blue sky always cheers me up. And gets me thinking. They’ve actually saved me too. When I lived in China I was very home sick and depressed but the need to see the blue skies of home got me through to my leaving date without giving up on life.

What’s your favourite colour and way?