Giving up Facebook

Whilst munching my way through my banana and ice-cream I’ve been mulling over what I could give up to honour Jesus and his sacrifice.  As a Christian, Easter is more important to me than Christmas, and since marrying my husband has passed on his tradition of Easter Egg Hunts mixing them with my own Christian (and Eastern European) ones.

So, during the evening I’ve been wondering what to give up.  The usual? Chocolate?  Sweets?  Fast food?  Cheese?!  Then, coming to bed I’ve realised most of my evening, the pauses, the times when I’ve been bored, have been spent on Facebook.  I only intend to go on for a few minutes but I inevitably get sucked into reading one article about cute animals that leads me to another and then another and then my evening has vanished.  It was then that I realised what I needed to give up:  Facebook.  It encroaches far too much on my precious time with my little family.  Essential internet from now on.  In theory I should gain masses of time!  And be more productive (haha)