A writer’s life ruled by naptimes

As a very lucky mother to a young toddler, I don’t get much free time for my writing (Yes, I could wake early but I’m so shattered from teething that that’s currently impossible). So my writing time is restricted to naptimes, unless that naptime is needed to do planning for my lessons.

So, yesterday I had a clear naptime and had got my laptop out to start writing when my neighbour comes round for a chat.

An hour’s chat!

I could have cried! I probably should have asked to get on with the work I was blatantly about to undergo, but I didn’t want to be rude. Then my toddler woke up and all hopes of writing were gone.

What would you have done?

Hopefully today will be more successful…

End of common decency?

As Christmas approaches you’d expect people to be more caring to strangers, more thoughtful, more decent.  Sadly I haven’t witnessed much when out and about.  Take yesterday for example, when arriving at the parade of shops close to my home I discovered a small moped parked in a parent-child space.  This probably doesn’t seem much unless you are a parent and know how annoying it is to have someone with no need for the extra room these spaces provide parking in them.

This has happened a lot since becoming a nother and is quickly becoming a pet peave.  Being a writer I wrote a note.  After navigating across the busy car park with my pushchair I stopped at the space (which backs safely on to the pavement) and began to put my note inside the helmet only to have the owner of the moped, a petite young lady, arrive so I gave her my note and explained what I was doing.  I pointed out that her moped certainly didn’t need the extra space and that a normal space would give her the room she wanted.  She did look embarrassed and I congratulated her for not parking in a disabled space and asked if she could show parent-child spaces the same respect.  However she brazenly declared “You can’t change me doing what I do!”   I did point out that I couldn’t but our sense of common decency should.  

My only revenge?  One day she’ll need a parent-child space and one won’t be available for her.