20th August: National Radio Day

When I was young I used to listen to the local Radio Station Ram FM, now Capital. I still like to listen to it, but I have to stay I can’t stand advert after advert. I then turned to Radio 1 and happily listened to them for many years. But I got bored of RnB and bad pop, so one Christmas I turned to Classic FM for some festive-sounding Christmas songs and wasn’t disappointed. I regularly listen to it now but I have an eclectic music collection bad from my Uni days when I experimented with a lot of different sounds and realised I had a broad taste.

Whilst at Uni, as I was a student of Durham’s former Department of East Asian Studies, I came across Utada Hikaru. The manga intro to her song Passion, played a pivotal role in forming the elemental beings of my Faeries. In fact, I have named the Faeries’ realm after her: Utada. I hope you enjoy. And if you liked Kingdom of Hearts, you might recognise her.


Kindle’s are not new news but for me they are. I’ve always resisted getting a Kindle as I thought they were a bit too ‘radical’ for me, but with me doing more research into self-publishing and e-books I’ve realised I can be as ‘radical’. I happened to mention my change of heart to my husband who then surprised me on Saturday with the delivery of my very own Kindle!

I’ve already downloaded books of Joanna Penn and Mark Dawson, two renowned Indie authors and it’s been fun and so inspiring. A whole new world of authors I can sample and learn from has opened up, which is going to be massively useful.

Sadly, my husband’s now muttering that I’m reading too much!