Writing Resolutions

Something @authorbrittanywang mentioned in one of her videos was a piece of advice which has haunted me ever since hearing it : Start with something you don’t love.

I wish I had done that, as I love The KeyMaster and I want to do it justice, but circumstances are against me. My dream has always been to publish this autumn, but I’m having to face the possibility (rather, the reality) that this won’t happen.

So, my writing resolutions, faced with this possibility (reality), is that I shall finish this edit of Book 1 then shelve it and move onto Book 2 and all the prequels I have planned. Which is no bad thing, plus things will be in order for when circumstances do change. I shall also focus on a story that I love but isn’t as dear to me as The KeyMaster is. Inspiration is already striking, which I’ll take as a good sign! I think I might also try Wattpad once more.

Have you any resolutions?

The KeyMaster

Over the Christmas period I started to upload some of my finished drafts for one of my novels: The KeyMaster.  So far I’ve uploaded my Prologue and the first chapter onto my profile at Wattpad.  It would be lovely to have you visit my work, vote for it and to leave comments.  So far I haven’t received any comments but I’m sure there are areas that require polishing!  Your constructive criticism would be greatly welcomed.  It’s quite nerve-wrecking letting people read your work but I hope you enjoy!

If you happen to be an agent or a publishing house and you are interested please contact me either here, on my Facebook page or via Twitter: @GA_Jamieson.