NaNoWriMo 2018

As the dust settles for those who completed NaNoWriMo 2018, I’d like to reflect, as one who didn’t take part.

As a semi-full-time mother (with a broken laptop!), I knew there would be little point me taking part this year as I rarely get time to read let alone write, especially with Christmas on the horizon. But I’ve been watching colleagues on Instagram take part and following their journeys.

I won’t deny to being a smidgen jealous of those with the opportunity to take part, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching them reflect and clock in their daily achievements. It’s been great seeing people post their graphs and their winner pages and being part of such an amazing journey. Because it is. Writing 50+K in a month is no mean feat!

So, will I take part next year? Honestly, no. I can’t see my situation changing that much to allow such dedication. (Though I do hope to have a new laptop soon!) My family comes first. People might argue that that shouldn’t be the case, that writing should be the most important thing in my life, but I can’t let it. Not when my child needs me. One year, I will get the opportunity so I shall enjoy that adventure when it happens.

If you are toying with the idea I would highly recommend it. The NaNoWriMo community is very supportive on Instagram (from what I saw), and would help make the experience even more special. Visit for more information. Happy writing!

The Creative Penn

It was whilst doing some random research three weeks ago that I came across the author Joanna Penn and her brilliant website, The Creative Penn.

It never crossed my mind that there were authors out there who shared their writing and publishing experiences so openly. It’s been an absolute revelation and so, so useful. If you are serious about your writing, I highly recommend it.

Due to being extremely time-poor at present (I think I’ve had about an hour to myself in the last two weeks), I’m finding Ms Penn’s YouTube channel an excellent resource bank filled with interesting interviews, lots of advice and things to ponder that I hadn’t even thought to ponder; such as what is my definition of success (which I’m now pondering and will let you know soon).

Even if you are already published via traditional means or more alternative means, I guarantee you will find something of use. She provides tips on marketing and author wellbeing, not to mention suggestions to help with your creative side.

I’m so glad to have discovered her and her tutorials as I can listen to them when I’m doing my mundane chores and actually feel like I’m progressing as a writer (even if I hadn’t had the opportunity to write in days) Thank you, Ms Penn! You are keeping me sane and motivated!