Happy New Year

With 2018 bowing out to 2019, we usher in another new year. I do hope it was one that has left some good memories and too many bad. 2018 will remain a significant year for me, as it was in July that I finished my first book.

I remember typing the last words and looking about me expecting a brass band to appear, but no. Maybe next time.

I began to realise the second leg of the story was only just starting: editing. It is still in process.

Beyond reading more and leaving reviews, my goals for 2019 are to complete my self-edits before sending it to Beta Readers and editors. I also need to find a cover designer as I would love to publish in the winter. My fingers and toes are all crossed!

Here’s me setting up my BuJo Goals page.

What are your plans for 2019?

Murphy’s Law

Well, it’s my first day off from work since June. I have childcare and I can actually sit at the table and write today! (First time in months) But my laptop has 20mb left in memory and, typically, it’s chosen today to give up the ghost. The fates are cruel! Laptop shopping is a must I’m afraid my blue gem – you have served your author well!

My work station today – complete with blank screen…

The KeyMaster

Over the Christmas period I started to upload some of my finished drafts for one of my novels: The KeyMaster.  So far I’ve uploaded my Prologue and the first chapter onto my profile at Wattpad.  It would be lovely to have you visit my work, vote for it and to leave comments.  So far I haven’t received any comments but I’m sure there are areas that require polishing!  Your constructive criticism would be greatly welcomed.  It’s quite nerve-wrecking letting people read your work but I hope you enjoy!

If you happen to be an agent or a publishing house and you are interested please contact me either here, on my Facebook page or via Twitter: @GA_Jamieson.