The KeyMaster

Warning: contains vampires and werewolves, but not as you know them

Unlock the Past to Save The Future.

Erica Shylocke is your average university student: her studies are ticking along nicely, she’s got a part-time job and she’s having a blast in London. Apart from being skint, everything’s great!

Then she meets the mysterious Michael Nicholas and, when they are attacked, the world is no longer the same.

Michael reveals himself to be a KeyMaster of The Guild. Based in Limbo, The Guild works to document and safeguard Time and its people from marauding Lost Souls, with the help of their Færies.

But something is amiss, there’s a growing army of Lost Souls, but who’s orchestrating it and to what end? Promising to help, Erica has her work cut out. Especially when it means coming to terms with her lifelong secret and facing up to her grudge, before she herself succumbs.

The KeyMaster is the first thrilling instalment in a dark urban fantasy series, with an exhilarating cocktail of adventure, mystery and a “dash” of romance. Follow Erica and Michael as they battle evil forces hidden within, and threatening, our very existence.

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I have collected a number of Pins that I have used as research and inspiration for The KeyMaster. I hope you like them.



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